Mud pumps are the heart of a drilling operation. TSM designs and manufactures extremely reliable and easy-to-maintain mud pumps, eliminating unnecessary maintenance and downtime.


TSM designs and manufactures tried-and-tested industry leading Triplex Mud Pumps to suit your project needs.

SKUHP RangeFlow Rate @ Max PSIMax Flow Rate
TSM750750189 USGPM @ 5,000 PSI580 USGPM @ 2,000 PSI
TSM10001,000298 USGPM @ 5,000 PSI585 USGPM @ 2,639 PSI
TSM13001,300233 USGPM @ 7,500 PSI715 USGPM @ 2,800 PSI
TSM16001,600322 USGPM @ 7,500 PSI632 USGPM @ 3,900 PSI
TSM20002,000350 USGPM @ 7,500 PSI687 USGPM @ 4,490 PSI
TSM24002,400468 USGPM @ 7,500 PSI916 USGPM @ 4,050 PSI


For drilling solutions that need extremely high volume and power, we can design and manufacture Quadruplex Mudpumps to meet the demand.


TSM can supply parts and service any Duplex Mudpump.