TSM1500 AC Drawworks

  • Input Power = 1,500 HP Continuous (2,250 HP Intermittent)
  • Max Single Line Pull (SLP) = 80,000 Lbs.
  • Wire Size = 1.250” or 1.375”
  • Hook Load = 750,000 Lbs (12 Lines)
  • Weight: 35,000 Lbs (including motor)

Disclaimer: Specs may change based on configuration.

Additional Information

  • Manufactured in North America with 100% North American materials.
  • Torque arm/shrink disc design results in a compact, modular footprint, with minimal sensitive alignments.
  • Gearing quality to AGMA 12 minimum. Designed to AGMA 6010-F97.
  • Gear Drives come with a 5 year warranty.
  • Dynamically Balanced Assemblies provide a smooth vibration free operation.
  • Drawworks ratios are carefully selected to achieve industry standard hook speeds and hook loads.
  • Instrumentation hook-ups to monitor oil temperature, oil flow, and oil pressure.
  • Instrumentation hook-ups to monitor drum/AC motor speeds and positioning.
  • Rigid base with provision for crane lift and/or rolled ends with bolted feet.
  • Lebus grooved balanced drum with kick-back rollers.
  • Brake systems are sized and selected with a minimum 2.0 service factor for emergency dynamic braking and redundancy. Pressure fed and splash filtered lubrication system. Oil flow meter, pressure and temperature sensors, sight glass flow gauges, air/oil radiator, and provision for immersion heater.
  • “No neutral” safety feature on our multi- speed drawworks.