TSM850 Mechanical Drawworks

  • Single Line Pull = 54,500 Lbs. (Max.)*
  • Hook Load Rating = 440,000 Lbs. (10 Lines)*
  • Wire Size = 1.125”

Disclaimer: Specs may change based on configuration.

The TSM850 Mechanical Drawworks was designed for step-down rigs, 8 or 10 lines, with hook loads ranging from 350,000 Lbs to 500,000 Lbs. Features such as a narrow footprint, lightweight, maintenance friendly, and smooth operation make this popular drawworks an industry leading workhorse. The major components are sized for peak performance and reliability.

Modern directional drilling practices and long lateral sections have demanded heavier hook loads and single line pulls. To accomplish this, TSM offers 3 different upgrade or conversion packages.

  1. Mechanical Drawworks upgrade to 440,000 Lb hook load.
  2. Mechanical to AC conversion.
  3. Mechanical to AC conversion and upgrade to 500,000 Lb hook load.

Depending on the condition of the existing equipment, these options may be attractive to customers looking to re-purpose or modernize their existing fleet.

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